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Welcome to our children page!

Jambo! (This is the way we great in Kenia)
(translate from Thalke Mensen and Laura Becker)

For many, many years we have been flying to Kenia, Africa, over and over again. There, near the city Mombasa and not far away from the Indian See, is the kindergarten which we build up and in which the children whom we support are living.

If you want to look for Africa on a Globe you will notice that it very much looks like a horses head. And if you now imagine petting the horse's forehead there you will find Mombasa. In about one hour by car from there you will reach Diani, where the kindergarten is placed.

Children in Africa have totally different lives compared to your life. Since it is very warm in Africa most of their live is taking place outside. Most of the Families don't have any electricity nor they have running water and their houses are mainly build out of straw. The poverty reaches such a level that some families do not have any food for a whole day.

And because of these great differences between these cultures we want to get our attention towards this children page where the kids from Africa are talking about their daily lives. We also want to introduce some of the kids and their families to you.

If you have any further questions or you are interested in a specific theme you can always contact us via e-mail. 
Enjoy reading and learning about another world.




Afrika looks like a horse head
Can you find Diani Beach? On the map of Africa, trace the red line with your finger, from the tip of the "horse's ear" down to its "forehead." Do you see the X? That's where we are!

A normal house from kenya people
Most Kenyans live in houses made of thatched makuti grass.